Image of Desire the Night


Image of Desire the Night

The amazing Ashley has done it again. She takes the classic premise of werewolves and vampires and creates a page-turning success. Ashley is a splendid “go to” author for a fabulous comfort read with enjoyable characters and a feel-good story. Desire the Night will definitely satisfy readers who love paranormal romance!

Vampire Gideon has been kept in silver chains as a prisoner and personal blood fountain, too weak to fight the evil that enslaves him. His captor, a witch, starves him until he has no choice but to feed on the hapless women she leaves in his cell. Then, the witch feasts on his blood, using it to stay youthful and vibrant. But her latest victim is more than she seems. The daughter of the Shadow Pack’s alpha will not go down without a fight. At the rise of the next full moon, she could release her wolf and free them both. Unless Gideon can no longer control his hunger ... and he consumes his only hope for escape. (ZEBRA, Sep., 320 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Terri Dukes