Image of To Desire a Wicked Duke (Courtship Wars, Book 6)


Image of To Desire a Wicked Duke (Courtship Wars, Book 6)

The sixth and last of The Courtship Wars series is the charming, perfectly tuned finale to a delightful set of love stories. Jordan gifts her fans with a new couple’s romance and with the indomitable courtesan Fanny’s last bit of matchmaking. Witty, entertaining and provocative, here’s a romance to enjoy.

It has been two years since her fiancé’s death at Waterloo and Tess Blanchard is ready to face the prospect of marriage. However, being caught in a compromising situation with a man she despises is not the way she wants to wed. When Ian Sutherland, the Duke of Rotham, spies Tess kissing another man something inside him cracks. He is so enraged he kisses her himself, just as a society matron walks in. An honorable man, he marries Tess, saving her reputation, but will he ever claim her love? Soon after the wedding Tess and her author/courtesan friend Fanny head to Ian’s Cornwall estate where it is rumored ghosts walk the ancient halls — perfect research for Fanny’s novel. Ian quickly follows to squelch rumors about his bride running from the marriage bed. Their battle of wills heats up and with help from a spirit, some matchmaking and their own simmering passions there just might be a happy ending for all. (BALLANTINE, Mar., 380 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin