Prince Edward Christian Hawksblood has come to England to lend his sword to King Edward and his son Edward, the Black Prince. He has also come looking for the father he has never known, the Earl of Warrick.

Lady Brianna and her best friend, Joan of Kent, are enjoying these days at court. Joan has cast her eyes on the Black Prince and Brianna can only hope to find a love as strong with her betrothed, Robert de Beauchamp.

Yet from the moment Christian arrives, he and Brianna are drawn to one another. As Robert's half-brother, Christian will defy King and country to take Brianna for his own. As the war between England and France accelerates, so does Christian and Brianna's love. But the Plantagenet court is rife with intrigue. Devious plots lure Christian and Brianna deeper and deeper into danger and a scheme to save the Black Prince from enemies seeking to take his life.

DESIRED combines passion for history (the actual love story between the Black Prince and Joan of Kent) with the glory of romance as only Virginia Henley can. Her characters are so passionate and their emotions so strong that readers will feel every heartbeat and every moment of intense passion. She simply dazzles her audience with the immense power of her stories and the brilliance of her belief in the power of love. VERY SENSUAL (Feb., 444 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin