A tragic fire was meant to take the life of heiress Claire Campbell, but somehow she managed to escape and disappear. Now, seven years later, the family has already dealt with numerous impostors trying to collect her money, and the newest, Dianna Mason, claims to be seeking justice.

Ben Maxwell, CEO of the family business, is determined to protect the family at all costs and wants to find the truth. The problem is he finds himself strangely attracted to Ms. Mason and unsure if he's seeing the truth or just what he wants to see.

The Campbell family still hides many secrets, and Dianna is intent on uncovering all of them. Her chief goal is to stop the political aspirations of Andrew Campbell, Claire's father.

DESIRE & DECEPTIONS is a finely woven tale full of twists and turns where nothing is as it seems. Ms. Cresswell is sure to please in this engrossing story of love and betrayal. (May, 408 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson