This story of erotic training changes quickly into an unexpected story of adventure. The sensuality level is high, with explicit group sex scenes. Also, this is not for squeamish types, since the violence quotient is high. This might have been stronger tale with more hints of adventure earlier in the book. As it is, the two halves read somewhat like two different books.

Lord Dagan Kiel is the trainer for the conclave, a secret society of warriors skilled in sex and war.

Dagan finds potential women for the male society, including one as the consort for the grand master—the only member who does not share his women. Dagan finds Jameela in a slave market and buys her for the master. Although he desires her himself and has personally trained her in the arts of love, he was castrated as a child and cannot marry.

The story then takes an unexpected turn toward adventure when Dagan goes to fight the Ordonese, an enemy of blood drinkers who raid the conclave's lands. There, he is captured by the evil and ambitious Lady Neith, who wants to breed with him.

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Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor