Stormy Nixon has a chance to make good after recovering from prescription drug addiction. She secures a location for a new movie, but Crazy Cody Aguillar owns the best and biggest ranch near Desperado, Texas. He wants nothing to do with movies or with Stormy.

Codys teenaged niece, daughter of Zach and Annie from It Takes Two, has other ideas. So do the folk of Desperado and its rival community, Shiloh.

Mary rebels against being treated like a baby by running away from home and straight into Stormys motel room. Stormy is put in a cross-fire situation with Cody, another with his niece, and a battle between the two towns vying for the movie location. As the flame between Cody and Stormy warms, it fans the spark of Marys teen angst and intensifies her problems. The differences between Cody and Stormyin background and professional and emotional stylesbring their love to a heart-rending crisis.

Tina Leonards Texas is the landscape of the heart, but her understanding of Stormy and the creative excitement of her Hollywood is flawlessly believable. This ones a fine romance, rich in humor and celebration. (Aug., 387 pp., $3.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger