Stranded on the open Texas plains, Emmaline St. Joseph is praying for a savior to rescue her small band of orphans. Her pleas are answered when ex-Texas Ranger Rafe Bodine appears.

Rafe is on the trail of his wife's vicious killers and is determined not to allow anything to get in the way; that is until he meets Emmaline and the children.

As soon as Rafe realizes that Emmaline knows nothing about survival and little about taking care of children his hardened heart begins to soften.

Rafe promises to bring Emma and the children to safety and when he discovers that he's wanted for the murder of one of the gang who killed his wife, he decides that he and Emma can masquerade as a married couple with a large family. Soon the charade begins to become a reality.

This warm-hearted, gritty western simply steals its way into your heart the way Emma and the children sneak into Rafe's. Millie Criswell's sweet sense of humor combined with poignancy and an unforgettable cast of characters touches you and brings you a smile and a sigh. SENSUAL (July, 353 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin