Erika Edmondson, a resident ob/gyn at a university hospital, has recently lost her mother to a debilitating disease. Her guilt over not being able to care for her surviving parent painfully intensifies the open wound of her loss. It is during this time that she comes in contact with Michael Mathis, a pediatric surgeon on staff at the same hospital.

It was love at first sight for Michael when he bumped into Erika as she left a patients room in tears. He senses her quiet pain and immediately wants to help and protect her. This sets the stage for the secret he has vowed to keep, which could possibly end what has blossomed between the two lovers.

The backdrop of family secrets, human vulnerability and forgiveness, adds to the romantic development of the two lovers without taking anything away from it. Readers will enjoy and may identify with the bones in the family closet plot and the interesting supportive characters. (Mar., 336 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Hope Stephenson