This novel is delightfully consistent with Davis’ previous books. Dialogue rich, Desperate Deeds is the perfect weekend novel or vacation read. The fast-paced story takes you through an intriguing game of cat and mouse as the protagonists solve the crime, save the world and, of course, fall in love.

Tyler Hanson makes a mistake and two soldiers end up dead. Drinking to numb the pain, she finds sexy Owen Wakefield in the bar. Good at keeping people at arm’s length, Tyler seduces Owen, only to find him at her A-Tac office a few weeks later. He’s assigned to help her find the hijackers who killed the soldiers, and they uncover a dangerous plot to build and use nuclear weapons. Unfortunately Owen isn’t who he seems to be. In fact, he’s been hired to find out who inside the A-Tac team is a traitor — and all signs point to Tyler. As Owen’s feelings for Tyler grow stronger, he must protect her and find the real mole before it’s too late. (FOREVER, Aug., 400 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Annette Elton