In all the years she has faithfully practiced and taught the sensual arts, the Tigress Shi Po has never climbed the steps to immortality. Believing she is a failure, she plans her death.

But her husband, Tan Kui Yu, who knows her as teacher, bedmate and partner, will not allow her to leave him. He vows to help her reach the Taoist ideal of heaven, even as their actions anger a politically powerful general.

Shi Po has always been in control of their sexual lives, but Tan Kui Yu suddenly wrests that control, throwing Shi Po off balance. It is he who now makes her body sing. She desires his caresses, his kisses and, most of all, his love.

Lee continues the Tigress series with her most fascinating, mature heroine, a woman who knows everything about sexuality but discovers she has never allowed herself the freedom to love. Faced with the feelings and fears of getting older, her children growing up and her lifestyle changing, Shi Po discovers what has eluded her and the ability of love to transcend the ordinary. Her story, with its strong sensuality, characters and plot, transports readers onto another plane of erotic romance. Sexy (Nov., 342 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin