Image of Desperately Seeking A Duke (Heiress Brides)


Image of Desperately Seeking A Duke (Heiress Brides)

What can Bradley come
up with after The Liars
Club and the Royal Four? How about a humorous romp of marriage mayhem that's a love-and-laughter treat, tinged with heated sensuality and tenderness. This winning combination ensures Bradley's Heiress Brides series will climb the bestseller charts.

Three cousins, Phoebe, Deirdre and Sophie, are out to catch a duke. The first to wed will inherit a fortune as per their grandfather's will. Proper vicar's daughter Miss Phoebe Millbury is not interested in marrying until she sees Lord Rafe Marbrook, who she mistakenly believes is his brother, Calder, the Duke of Brookhaven.

Rafe is Calder's illegitimate half-brother. When Calder senses Rafe's interest in Phoebe, he plots to marry her. Thinking it's Rafe she is to wed, Phoebe swiftly accepts the duke's offer, only to discover he's the wrong man. Sorting out the situation so Rafe and Phoebe can live happily ever after is a wild, exhilarating and sexy ride. (St. Martin's, Mar., 330 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin