Image of In Desperation (Jack Gannon)


Image of In Desperation (Jack Gannon)

Mofina’s latest is his best to date. The author’s background in reporting reinforces the tight storyline, the believability of the narrative and the characters’ reactions to various events. Tense and terrifying, this examination of the Mexican drug trade and the steps people will take when they are desperate elevates Mofina to the top tier of thriller writers.

Reporter Jack Gannon is working on a case in Mexico when he receives a call from someone he hasn’t spoken to in almost 20 years: his sister. She begs for his help; her daughter has been kidnapped. Gannon thought his sister was dead, so a tense family reunion must be put on hold if he’s to help his niece survive. Working with the FBI, he quickly learns that the case he was investigating in Mexico has a strange connection to the kidnapping. And what is his sister hiding about an event that happened years ago? (MIRA, Apr., 384 pp., $9.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jeff Ayers