Although Zoey Redbird is the central protagonist in the House of Night series, Cast & Cast have not ignored critical character development for the rest of the players. This installment sees real growth and motivational development amongst heroes and villains. This amazing writing pair once again weaves together a world where rising darkness threatens and brave teens risk everything.

After recent heartbreaking losses, Zoey & co.’s emotions are on edge, making them vulnerable to Neferet’s evil machinations. The gang has returned to the House of Night school, but with Neferet still in charge and fooling the ruling council, they are in danger. The goddess Nyx forgave Raven-Mocker Rephaim and gave him human form during the night, allowing him to join the school and his beloved Stevie Rae. Fallen guardian Kalona is now a wild card, as he has broken with Neferet. As Neferet sets more chaos in motion, the gang struggles to get answers and stop her. (ST. MARTIN’S GRIFFIN, Nov., 336 pp., $ 18.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith