Image of Destined (Wings)


Image of Destined (Wings)

Pike’s clever and innovative way of reinventing fairy tales and myths to make them her own is really wonderful. Her characters contain a surprising level of depth for a fairy tale, and their story is rich in vivid details, action, adventure and romance. Pike wraps up all the loose endings in her series and even throws in a few new twists you won’t expect!

From the moment she discovered she was actually a faerie, during her sophomore year, Laurel Sewell has counted on her boyfriend David and her guardian fae, Tamani. When her best friend, Chelsea, learned her secret they worked together to keep each other and the gate to Avalon safe from trolls. Now that the biggest threat ever is looming, they’re running out of time to discover Yuki’s secrets, figure out the mystery behind Klea’s perfect timing and find where the trolls have been hiding. When all hell breaks loose, they have to make it back to Avalon to warn the other fae. This time, even all the magic in Avalon might not be enough to stop one twisted faerie’s revenge, the genocide of the faerie race and the utter destruction of everything Laurel and her friends have worked so hard to protect. (HARPERTEEN, May, 320 pp., $17.99, HC, ISBN: 9780061668128, 13 & Up)

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Raven Haller