Taken captive as a small boy, Duncan Roderick, Earl of Cleaves, grew up in the way of the Mohawk. Finally, he is ready to find his way back to his heritage.

Duncan returns to England, half of his face hidden behind a silken veil. The dark and mysterious "Colonial Devil" has come to claim his betrothed, Beatrice Hollingsworth. Upon his arrival he spies a luscious redhead swimming in the goldfish pond and decides she will be his wife.

Jillian is Beatrice's youngest sister and Duncan is determined to have her. Jillian's father agrees to the Earl's demands, but Jillian is not so easily subdued. She plots to flee the devil as soon as possible. In the course of events, Jillian's feelings toward her betrothed begin to change. Just who is this gentle man who tries to be gruff and harsh and what does he hide beneath his veil?

The past haunts Duncan, driving him away from those who love him. After the marriage, he plans to travel back to his estate in Maryland to live a life without Jillian, without having to place his faith, trust and love in another.

Jillian will not let Duncan off so easily. As they sail the high seas, adventure and betrayal are hot on their heels. Together Duncan and Jillian will fight against the odds for their love and the chance to be together forever.

DESTINED TO BE MINE is brimming with laughter, intrigue, high seas adventure, undeniable passion and a healing love that will last forever. Ms. Faulkner spins a delightful yarn that is sure to generate a smile and a sigh of pleasure. SENSUAL (May, 382 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lizabelle Cox