Elizabeth Haydons third book culminates her powerful fantasy saga with adventure, treachery, mystery and romance. DESTINY (4.5 G) is an exciting read that will pique new readers and delight fans of Ms. Haydons first two books. The demon Fdors host is about to orchestrate a horrific bloodbath that will span race and nationand even threaten the afterlife. In response, Rhapsody gathers and protects all his half-human to defuse Fdors power. Achmed needs their demon blood to track their father to his host while Grunthor holds off Fdor-controlled invasion forces sent to the borrowed Firbolg stronghold in Ylorc. As Ashe unveils his true face to Rhapsody and others, the battle between demon and human begins. Ms. Haydon continues to wield a strong voice in the world of fantasy. Her superbly rendered characters incite us to share their triumphs and sorrows, even as her lyrical prose casts its wondrous invitation to visit her world. In composing the final coda to her Prophecy of the Three, Ms. Haydon answers all questions posed in the earlier books. (Aug., 480 pp., $27.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kelly Rae Cooper