The heroine’s blind love is easy to believe and empathize with; not visiting her family for 13 years isn’t. She is a morally weak Christian, the hero not one at all. Though he returns to God, one is still left with the feeling the heroine would be better off without him.

More than 20 years ago Christian Riley believed he controlled his destiny, even though his father was a minister. But when the uncle Chris believed innocent of murdering his wife is actually guilty, he once again seeks childhood friend Elizabeth Horace’s company, to the dissatisfaction of their mutual friend, Oscar. Elizabeth loves Chris, which is why she left their hometown to follow him to L.A. 13 years ago, along with Oscar, who has loved Elizabeth as long as she has loved Chris. When she becomes pregnant with Chris’ child she knows she must tell him, yet her delay in doing so ends up changing all their lives. (WRITERS EXCHANGE, Mar., 246 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley