Funny, enchanting, refreshing and delicious, Suzanne Elizabeth has written a witty, humorous tale full of memorable, likable characters that will delight readers time and again. Readers will be most impressed with a heroine who reluctantly comes out of nowhere to save the man she is destined to love.

The last thing that contessa Tess Harper needs is a fairy godmother who appears out of nowhere to tell her she has a job to do and a destiny to fulfill. A spoiled woman of the 1990s, Tess is livid when she is plucked out of her warm bed straight into the Wild West.

Hard-headed Tess refuses to accept that she has gone back in time. Her outrageous and imperious demands land her in jail for bank robbery. She is saved by rugged Joseph Maguire, who hires her as his orphan nieces' nanny.

Tempers flare from the first. She destroys his peace of mind with her bad attitudes, stubborn ways and gorgeous legs. The two are always at odds except when it comes to the girls. They even take on the town busybodies who want to place the girls in an orphanage.

During their campaign to save the family, desire sneaks up on Tess and Joseph. But Joseph's past returns to haunt him and destroy their peaceful haven. A willful Tess will not allow Joseph to abandon them for their own sake. She rushes to his rescue -after breaking out of jail- and leads Joseph out of the darkness.

(Mar., 260 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Maria C. Ferrer