The only witness to the murder her fiance committed, Desiree "Destiny" Davidson flees town after realizing that FBI witness protection sucks. A small Delaware community seems the perfect place to relocate -- until she meets sexy neighbor Duane Urban.

That he owns a contracting business is a boon, considering the amount of repairs that need to be done to Destiny's temporary living quarters. The more time Duane spends in her company, however, the more powerful the attraction. Though it's unwanted at first, Destiny quickly becomes enraptured by his touch. Can she afford to trust him with a secret that could put his life in jeopardy?

Daniels puts Delaware on the map with her latest book. Like most of her heroines, Destiny is independent and successful but not abrasive. Duane's charming and sympathetic manner only adds to his drop-dead-handsome good looks. The release of information is timed perfectly, so as not to reveal too much too soon and to keep readers interested. Consistent character traits for both primaries and secondaries, along with a dramatic sequence of events, make reading this book similar to watching a thriller. Steamy love scenes in this sizzling hot novel further validate the attraction between this couple. (Dec., 381 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton