Image of Destiny Kills (Myth and Magic)


Image of Destiny Kills (Myth and Magic)

The always exhilarating Arthur begins a most intriguing new supernatural series. Since the story is told from the heroine's point of view, Destiny's initial memory loss is a clever way to put readers into a place where they experience her feelings of peril. Good pacing and plenty of action are highlighted by Arthur's own patented sizzle!

Waking up next to a dead man with gaping holes in your memory is horrifying to say the least. At least Destiny does remember that she is being chased, and that being recaptured is not an option. As pieces of her memory return, Destiny realizes her dead companion is her lover and fellow captive, Egan.

Egan and Destiny also shared a genetic history -- Egan was an air dragon and Destiny is a sea dragon. When Egan's half-brother, Trae Wilson, turns up, Destiny doesn't quite trust him. But if she is to free her mother and the other dragons held by vicious scientists, she certainly needs his help. As these well-funded and dangerous hunters stalk them, Destiny and Trae are going to need all their skills just to survive. (BANTAM SPECTRA, Nov., 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith