As the oldest daughter in a family with no sons, Kionee has trained since the age of five to be the Hunter Guardian. Accepted as a Tiva, or a male of the Hanueva, she joins the other Tivas in battle.

When she meets the Cheyenne warrior Stalking Wolf, Kionee discovers a woman's heart despite her Tiva training. Believing Kionee to be a young man (she wears a mask and binds her breasts), Stalking Wolf accepts her as his best friend. She fights by his side, saving his life and risking hers in battle.

His respect for her knows no bounds and when her true identity is revealed, Stalking Wolf knows why he has been sent to live among the Hanueva. His destiny lies in finding a mate, and avenging his parents' death by leading the Hanueva in battle against their enemy, the Crow.

Torn between her two identities, Kionee seeks comfort in Stalking Wolf's arms. Now she must merge her heritage with her femininity and lead her people to a new future.

Based upon actual tribal customs, DESTINY MINE unveils a world where women have the same goals as men, a struggle that resembles that of today's women in a novel only Janelle Taylor could write. SENSUAL (Reissue Jan., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin