Barbara Bretton brings this long awaited story to fans of Somewhere in Time and Tomorrow & Always and no one will be disappointed. Wonderful wit, a feisty heroine, a gifted child, and great glimpses of friends from the past combine to make magic!

In the twentieth century, Dakota Wylie was considered different. When a rash decision lands her in New Jersey during the Revolutionary War she is seen as down right bizarre.

Six-year-old Abigail Devane certainly didn't know what to make of the strange woman hanging from the tree on her father's property, but the word monster sprang immediately to mind. When the girl's father, Patrick, finds himself not only rescuing the strange woman, but offering her a place to stay, Dakota becomes enmeshed in a difficult family situation she is unable to turn away from.

Patrick Devane is greatly disliked in town since many consider him a traitor. Dakota is unsure of what to believe, but the clues keep pointing to his guilt. Her own aversion to him grows as she witnesses the detachment he shows his daughter. But when Dakota and Abigail realize they share a gift, Dakota strives to bring father and child closer together, which sows the seeds for a strong attraction to develop.

(Sept. 304 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson