There are parts of this book that are somewhat predictable but still surprising. Readers will be able to easily tell that something bad is about to happen, but they will be shocked by the actual outcome — keeping readers on their toes from beginning to end. Each woman’s story is intriguing and readers of all ages will be able to relate to the trials and triumphs presented.

Sierra, Liza and Raine make up the gospel trio Destiny’s Divas and their voices are only matched by the testimonies they present. Sierra tells the world she is saved and celibate while bedding each man she meets in hopes of becoming a wife. Liza is the first lady of a church whose husband holds a dark secret. Raine preaches on unconditional love but can’t seem to show that love to her mother-in-law. Embarking on their first tour forces each woman to confront the lies they’ve been telling their fans and each other. (TOUCHSTONE, Jun., 400 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
B. Nakia Garner