Ms. Elizabeth has a wonderful writing ability and keeps readers mesmerized while drawing a tear or two from their eyes. Punctuated with 1990s street-smart lingo and references to familiar modern-day characters, DESTINY'S EMBRACE is a wonderful frolic in time.

Oh, boy! Is Lacey Garder in the wrong time and place. Lacey, a street smart, petty criminal, has three strikes against her. Unloved in this time, her guardian angel begs the powers that be to give her a second chance. Lacey was accidentally born in the wrong century and circumstances have made her hard-hearted and mistrustful of people.

Lacey wins a reprieve. She is sent back to 1878 Washington State Territory in the middle of a snowstorm to the home of Hazel and George Martin, who were meant to be her parents in that lifetime. The couple immediately feel a kinship to Lacey and take her in.

Meanwhile, Marshall Matthew Brady is hunting for a notorious outlaw's sister, who he believes has the money from their last heist. When Matt comes upon a confused Lacey, he assumes she is the missing sister and hounds her with his suspicions.

Ultimately, when Lacey finds a way to open her heart to love, she finds the path to redemption for herself and those around her.

(Oct., 322 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndie Dennis-Greer