Lady Arlana Von Fordin of Karasnia, the most powerful sorceress in the world, was born to fulfill a prophecy—to fix a mistake made by Browan magicians 200 years ago.

Lord Commander Oric of Browan is sent to convince her of this fate and to escort her on a journey through Browan to the source of the trouble. Oric should hate Arlana for the life path he's been forced to take—that of her First Protector—but he can't. Instead, he finds himself very drawn to her. This creates a distraction he can't afford as they battle assassination attempts from his own people, deadly goblins and other enemies who wish to see Arlana dead. After all, the most important thing is for Arlana to fulfill her own prophecy.

DESTINY'S SEDUCTION is a wonderful sequel to the author's Thief's Desire. The rescued little girl is now a young woman who is ready to fulfill her destiny. Oric is a wonderful hero and a member of a telepathic race that is depicted quite nicely. Hopefully there will be other stories set in the well-crafted world. (dl $5.00, dk $6.00)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley