Destiny Chandler, a photo historian, needs to get away. What better place than going to visit her old friend (and lover), Davis Van Housen? She meets Xavier Allgood, a top of the line musician, who is extremely popularespecially with the ladies.

Xavier is blown away by his unique introduction to Destiny, Davis out of town friend. Xavier senses there may be something between Davis and Destiny, but isnt quite sure. He doesnt want to cross the line and ruin his friendship with Davis. This decision is easier said than done, for Destiny turns his heart like no other has.

As Davis continues his workaholic habits, Destiny and Xavier are left to spend more and more time together, learning each others secrets, desires, and fears.

Kim Louise has written a highly intriguing novel with DESTINYS SONG. The swiftly moving plot, fun and witty heroine, and sexy hero are sure to tempt a readers heart into wishing for their own romantic hero. (Dec., 284 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Pamela Tullos