In THE DESTROYER GODDESS (4.5), the second part of In Fire Forged, Tansen, now accompanied by his adopted son, Zarien, continues his quest to bring down the Waterlords and unite the feuding peoples of Sileria. Meanwhile, the prophet Mirabar's destiny unexpectedly leads her into the arms of one of Tansen's sworn enemies. Free will wars with vague prophecy and divine intervention in this epic romantic fantasy, which will stay with readers long after the satisfying conclusion. Laura Resnick is a new writer with major talent. Her mythology and world-building are flawless, the characters are convincing and complex and Sileria is intoxicatingly believable. Keep in mind that this is intended to be the second half of a novel that began with July's The White Dragon and is issued in two parts due to length. The reader must read that and the previous installment (In Legend Born) to understand the breathtaking scope and complexity of Resnick's creation. (Dec., $27.95, 478 pp.)

Reviewed by: 
Jen Talley Exum