Image of Devil Bones: A Novel (Temperance Brennan Novels)


Image of Devil Bones: A Novel (Temperance Brennan Novels)

As readers re-join the first-person adventures of Reichs' brilliant and flawed heroine, it's evident that Tempe's personal life is still rocky. The clues in her latest case are strange and intriguing, and they don't lead in a clear direction, which keeps her off balance. The twists are tragic and a frightening commentary on current society. Top-notch as always!

Back in Charlotte, N.C., teaching and working for the medical examiner's office, Dr. Temperance Brennan is brought in on a strange case that involves a skull, decapitated chickens and cauldrons. Is there religious significance in these relics? The discovery of the torso of a young male in a river nearby adds to the mystery, because the skull and body don't go together.

Tempe and police detectives Slidell and Rinaldi investigate, but their progress is hampered by the fear-mongering rantings of preacher turned politician Boyce Lingo. The clues just aren't adding up, then things are knocked sideways when murder strikes all too close to home. (SCRIBNER, Sep., 320 pp., $25.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith