In spite of its promising synopsis,
Kaye's story falls flat. As if by rote, the characters go through the emotions of love and revenge. Unfortunately, those grand feelings never fully flourish.
Mercy and Spence are one-dimensional characters. While the love scenes are vivid, the plot fades away because
the characters aren't strong enough
to hold the story together.

Bored, lonely and tired of being single, Mercy is ready to live it up on her vacation in Texas. She's looking for a sexy and willing male, and then she lays eyes on a mysterious figure in cowboy boots. She knows she's met the man to fulfill her cravings.

Spence isn't looking for company, no matter how beautiful Mercy appears. He's got his own mission: revenge. After being unjustly tried and convicted for the murder of his best friend, Spence is out for justice. He is determined to figure out why the witness who sealed his fate wrongly accused him. Little does Spence realize that the man who ruined his life is also the uncle of the woman he is coming to care for deeply. What's a man to do when love and revenge collide? (, dl $6.50) Sarah Wethern
Reviewed by: 
Sarah Wethern