Image of The Devil Is a Lie (Pocket Readers Guide)


Image of The Devil Is a Lie (Pocket Readers Guide)

Billingsley delivers a romantic page-turner dipped in heavenly goodness. From page one readers will root for Nina, who's caught in a love triangle between Rick and Todd, fall in love with her antics and wish for her happiness.

Budding real estate agent Nina Lawson is one exam away from making her financial and personal dreams come true. When she wins the lottery, she and her fiance, Rick, start planning for their future. Then Nina learns that she's still married to her ex, Todd. Should she give him half, or is it cheaper to keep him?

Todd knows he left his wife for the wrong woman. When Nina hits the lottery, his chances of getting her back may be even worse than he realized. Can he convince her that his love is stronger than millions? (POCKET, Jul., 288 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Dee Stewart