The devil may care, and he should take careespecially when an innocent angel challenges him to give up his rakehell ways.

Lady Eden Spencer is planning to take her vows as a nun when her uncle and the Mother Superior agree she must learn about the world before going into seclusion.

Though Eden wants nothing more than to dedicate herself to helping others, she must now learn how to be bad and with her cousin Reggies help she enlists the aid of the most notorious bad boy in London, Damien Sinclair.

Damien is highly intrigued by Eden, even before he hears her outlandish proposal. But she is offering him the fortune he needs to help save his home, and hes never been able to turn down a lady.

Sneaking into her bedroom, giving her mens clothing and bringing her with him into gambling halls and bordellos. Damien shows Eden the darker side, but she teaches him about the goodness in himself.

For a man thought doomed to be an uncaring rogue, he turns into quite a hero. However, when his nemesis threatens to destroy everything he has worked for, Damien wonders if he can become the man Eden believes him to be.

Humor, passion and rising sexual tension merge beautifully in Melanie Georges allegorical tale of the angel who routes the devil in this Garden of Eden. Carefully constructed and well-told, this storys readers will adore the characters, especially matchmaking, meddlesome Reggie and Damiens cat, as well as a host of charming others. With sensuality akin to that of Robin Schone, DEVIL MAY CARE sparkles and will garner Ms. George many new fans. SENSUAL (Feb., 346 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin