When London's lamplights dim, proper deportment teacher Sidonie Saint-Godard roams the streets as the "Black Angel," preying on dishonorable men in retribution for their abuse of women. But the night she chooses the Marquess of Devellyn, "The Devil of Duke Street," as her mark, she makes a huge mistake.

Devellyn is no innocent. He spends his time in gaming halls, brothels and drinking himself into oblivion. But when a saucy wench with a tattoo of a black angel on her breast steals his most precious possession, he's out to make her pay.

Living across the street from Devellyn allows Sidonie to sneak into his house and return his valuables before he un-covers her identity. Caught in his arms, Sidonie finds she doesn't want to escape and their night of heated passion ignites a mutual obsession.

Two wounded souls in need of the healing power of love come together in this emotionally intense, engrossing romance. Carlyle allows her characters to search their hearts and uncover the goodness buried within, as each finds salvation in the other in this beautiful love story, the power of which will linger long after its end. SENSUAL (Jan., 380 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin