Image of The Devil To Pay (Silhouette Nocturne (Numbered))


Image of The Devil To Pay (Silhouette Nocturne (Numbered))
THE DEVIL TO PAY (4.5) by Michele Hauf Bound to the devil by a pact his parents made before he was born, half-vampire, half-witch Ivan Drake has spent the last seven years as the devil's "fixer." But when the devil sends him after The Grand Grimoire, the book that contains every spell ever written or cast, Ivan finds that Dez (Desideriel) Merovech's lure may be even greater than the devil's. Can the witch help the half-breed recover his soul? In this action-packed delight, Hauf's humorous writing and well-developed characters combine for a realistic story -- in spite of its supernatural basis.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay