Image of The Devil She Knows


Image of The Devil She Knows

Fans of Whiteside’s Devil series will be enthralled as her strong hero meets a woman who can match him in everything from riding a horse and shooting a gun to romping in the bedroom. The adventurous story sweeps around the globe, taking readers on a whirlwind journey of danger and passion.

Portia Townsend has known Gareth Lowell, her uncle’s friend, since childhood and has wanted to marry him forever. But dreams don’t always come true and Portia has a way of getting herself into trouble. Under pressure from her father she marries St. Arles, a British earl. After five horrible years of abuse Portia allows St. Arles to divorce her, claiming she was unfaithful. Portia travels to Constantinople where once again, St. Arles is forcing her to do something against her will. But this time Gareth comes to her aid. The only way to keep Portia safe is for Gareth to marry her. Portia is about to get her dream come true, but Gareth agrees that it will only be for a short time, since he believes that she deserves better than him. St. Arles is trying to help revolutionaries overthrow the Sultan and it is up to Gareth and Portia to stop him. Once they do, what will happen to them? Will they find the happiness together that they so richly deserve, or will pride get in the way? (BRAVA, Jun., 304 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager