Image of The Devil Walks in Mattingly


Image of The Devil Walks in Mattingly

Coffey’s latest has a decidedly gothic feel, but gets very bogged down with timeline issues. The inciting incident that drives the entire story is not revealed until the end, and by that time it is nearly irrelevant. None of the characters are sympathetic, and this is a difficult book to follow.

Twenty years ago, Jake and Kate Barnett’s classmate, Phillip McBride, was found dead in the woods, apparently by suicide. Neither Jake nor Kate has talked about their roles, but both feel individually responsible for what happened to Phillip. The two have spent their lives trying to make up for it. Yet when mysterious mountain-dweller Taylor makes his way to town and begins to cause havoc, Jake and Kate’s balanced world is turned upside down. Can they come to terms with the past in order to save their town? (THOMAS NELSON, Mar., 400 pp., $15.99)
Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel