Image of The Devil Wears Plaid


Image of The Devil Wears Plaid

Few authors have Medeiros’ storytelling talents. From the first page to the last, she holds you enthralled with an enchanting plot, charismatic characters and strong sensuality. It’s another deep-sigh keeper from a master!

To save her father from debtor’s prison, Emmaline Marlowe stands in church ready to wed the elderly head of the Hepburn clan when Jamie Sinclair rides his stallion into the abbey and lifts her up into the saddle, stealing her away. As the Hepburns’ sworn enemy, Jamie is bent on using Emmaline as a pawn in his plans for revenge. But Emmaline is no man’s chattel. She’s ready to challenge her captor even if he is handsome, dashing, virile and the man of her dreams. Jamie’s plans to end the ancient feud are nearly forgotten as he falls under her spell and becomes more captive than captor. The desire that sparks between them is undeniable, but Emmaline must find a way to return to her betrothed in order to to save her father, and Jamie will have to execute a clever maneuver to get her back. (POCKET, Sep., 370 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin