Image of The Devil Who Tamed Her


Image of The Devil Who Tamed Her

Lindsey has always swept readers away into a world of scorching sensuality
and wild adventure in captive/captor romances. In this take on The Taming
of the Shrew, she turns her talents to
a less heated but more poignant love story, delving into character motivation and creating intelligent, sympathetic people whose stories don't need to
be action-packed. Lindsey is a queen
of the genre and always will be.

This spinoff of The Heir begins when Lady Ophelia Reid, who's pretty as an angel but has a heart as cold as ice, calls off her wedding to Raphael Locke, the future Duke of Norford's best friend.

When Raphael sees her crying quietly over a friend's insult, he believes she's not quite as untamable as she seems. He accepts a wager to turn her into a gentle lady, but to do so he'll have to kidnap the hellion, unearth the reasons for her anger and show her how to control her temper. But he also desires the smart, fascinating woman who is his perfect match. However, once Ophelia discovers she's a part of a bet, her new world crumbles. Only when tragedy strikes does Rafe learn the most important lesson about love. (Pocket, Jun., 364 pp., $25.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin