The next spellbinding Wallflower story brings the shyest of the group, heiress Evangeline Jenner, to notorious rake Sebastian, Lord St. Vincent's door.

In a desperate attempt to circumvent her relatives' plans to force her into an unwanted marriage, Evie shocks Sebastian by proposing. She'll spend one night in his bed, legitimizing the marriage, but intimacy ends there.

Worldly, wise and sensual, Sebastian is stunned but intrigued by Evie's proposition. She may appear prim and overly timid, but he senses strength and passion beneath her exterior. He's determined to unearth the adventurous Evie with his kisses and caresses. He just has no idea how a shy wallflower will help heal his wounded soul and put his devilish past behind them.

Reading a Kleypas novel is like devouring an entire box of truffles. She glories in bringing together unique characters, placing them in a traditional plotline (marriage of convenience) and then twisting the story just enough by adding great depth of character and sizzling love scenes to make the story stand out in readers' hearts and minds. These are marks of a masterful storyteller. SENSUAL (Mar., 384 pp., $7.50)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin