Image of The Devil You Know


Image of The Devil You Know

Carey's first prose novel -- he's well known as a master storyteller in the world of comics -- is a gem! He creates stunning visuals with words in a tale that's part urban fantasy, part classic noir. The protagonist, a hard-boiled ghost
hunter, narrates, and his wry,
sarcastic humor is spot-on. The setting
of a supernatural, contemporary London feels authentic, and the
pacing is impeccable. There's plenty
of action and surprising twists.
Luckily, book two is on the horizon.

Felix Castor is a down-and-out exorcist in London. A bad experience forced him into retirement, and now he's performing magic tricks at children's parties to make the rent. The plot thickens when he's hired to exorcise a ghost from a British library. His investigation takes him into London's sleazy underground, where the humans are more dangerous than the spirits. (WARNER, Jul., 470 pp., $24.99)
Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski