As Diana Westmount, Countess of Arrandale, hosts the Malloran family for the wedding of her cousin Rosa to Brand Malloran, half-brother of the Marquis of Rothgar, she is beset by trepidation about seeing Rothgar again.

The Marquis, Bay Malloran, is wealthy, powerful, protector of his family, confidante of King George III. But underneath the powder, silks and satins, lies a very dangerous man once provokedand independent, intelligent, spoiled Diana definitely piques Bays interests.

On the Kings orders, he escorts Diana to London. The journey turns perilous when they are set upon by assailants. Diana shows her mettle as they face the danger that besets them, but later in the darkness of the night both will take a different journey. One that will take them to the heights of passion and later to the depths of despair.

DEVILISH, a spin-off of Secrets of the Night, is the long-awaited story of Rothgar. Well-plotted, DEVILISH is a page turner. Ms. Beverly writes a breathtaking and powerful love story. Rothgar and Diana are a perfect match and the story is one youll cherish. SENSUAL (Apr., 339 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond