The spectacular talent of Judith Lansdowne brings us another dazzling delight for our utter delectation.

No doubt about it, Chadwick Brumfield, Earl of Rossland, is truly the devil's delight as he sets the ton on its ear with his unconventional behavior. So when he takes it upon itself to rescue Miss Minerva Potts from an impetuous flight into the streets of London and escort her back to a high society event, everyone is immediately agog.

Although duly warned by her aunt and friends, Minerva simply cannot help responding to the gleam of laughter in Rossland's eyes, not to mention his insouciant air and refreshing frankness. And before long, she finds herself caught up in the tangle of intrigue and danger that surrounds the earl. The greatest danger of all, however, is to her heart.

Ms. Lansdowne once again displays an incredible aptitude to make us laugh and cry and smile with joy as her engaging characters weave a wondrous magic every connoisseur of romance will cherish forever. (Jan., 288 pp., $4.50)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer