Image of Devilishly Hot


Image of Devilishly Hot

This lighthearted tale is based on the clever idea that a top fashion magazine is infested with a nest of fashionista demons. This follows Love’s novella in the anthology SoI Married a Demon Slayer (which does not need to be read in order to enjoy this book) and the plotline is similar. The characters are amusing and the bowling alley scene is priceless. This is a fun read, but some readers may wish for a more compelling plot and more substance.

Southern small-town girl Annie sells her soul to the devil to get a fashion journalism job. Now she’s stuck as assistant to Finola, the fiendishly cruel diva who is head of the magazine. Annie’s world is thrown into turmoil when handsome detective Nick shows up to investigate 21 missing magazine employees, many of whom were previously in Annie’s job. Finola wants Nick, Nick falls for Annie and Annie, although attracted to Nick, just wants to keep her soul. (BRAVA, Nov., 320 pp., $9.95)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan