Image of Devilishly Sexy


Image of Devilishly Sexy

This is an engaging return to the fashion world of HOT! magazine and the demons and slayers who inhabit it. The spotlight on the many changes that the world has made in the last 30 years is fascinating, the hero a delight, the heroine brave and intelligent and the villains entertaining.

Being out of circulation for 33 years has put demon slayer Michael Archer at a disadvantage. No longer do the slayers slay the “diabolically challenged.” He doesn’t realize that Liza McLane didn’t sell her soul and is possessed by a demon. He hopes to help her, especially after their night of passion. He wants more than one night and so does Liza, if she can only keep the demon drugged with overdoses of allergy medicine so he doesn’t find out who Michael is. Unfortunately, not only is her demon’s boss at work out to get her, the meds she’s taking just may kill her. (KENSINGTON, Jun., 304 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley