Image of Devilishly Wicked


Image of Devilishly Wicked

From the opening line — “Beg for it” — readers are pulled into the flirtatious world of Hot! magazine and its incredibly seductive editor-in-chief, Tristan, and his curvy assistant, Georgia. Georgia is generous and a bit naive; her insecurity makes her doubt the sincerity of Tristan’s flirtation, believing instead that he is just messing with her head. Tristan lacks some of the sexual intensity one might expect from a demon of lust, and for someone intent on stealing souls, his “change” toward the end feels too sudden. Despite the rush, they are a sexy, fun couple with a style all their own.

Tristan has recently taken control of top fashion magazine Hot!, banishing his predecessor, Finola, to the mailroom under the pretense that she should look for possible demon slayers hiding in their midst. He turns his attention to the seduction of Georgia, his lush, very human, rockabilly assistant who drives him to distraction when he should really be more focused on his takeover and the ongoing demands of Hell. Georgia might have her doubts about Tristan’s intentions, but they certainly aren’t unwelcome, especially once she sees how he treats her grandmother. Not to mention that his kisses are wicked good. (BRAVA, Nov., 288 pp., $9.95)
Reviewed by: 
Anna Dougherty