Image of Devil's Angel


Image of Devil's Angel

When a daring Viking meets a fearsome Irish chieftain sparks fly from their swords clashing and the sexual tension filling the air. Malone’s 11th-century adventure will delight readers with well-developed characters and page-turning action.

Protecting his village from mercenaries, Conor mac Ferghal battles the Angel of Death, who almost matches him in skill. He is shocked to realize his worthy foe is a woman. For her part, Erika Silverhair is shocked to awaken in a mud dungeon accused as the aggressor in a fight she only entered to protect innocent women and children. Conor is determined to keep the Angel at his side. However, Erika will only marry the man who can beat her in a duel. Will Conor have what it takes to win the Angel on the field of honor and within her deeply guarded heart? (SAMHAIN, Apr., 346 pp., $16.00)
Reviewed by: 
Janice Carol