After traveling Europe, Sir Alistair St. Erth returns home to England, his quest for revenge nearly finished.

Well, it will be when he faces his prey with the evidence of the perfidy. But to do so he must infiltrate high society.

At the Swanson Ball, a pretty young lady saves him from the clutches of a devious woman. Alistair discovers she is Kate Corbet, country cousin to the Swansons and related to the Sealbys, the very people he vows to bring down. Alistair asks the attractive but naive miss to accompany him to events.

He more than enjoys being in her company, but Alistair plays a dangerous game when he uses Kate in a ploy to force the Sealbys out into the open. He wonders what will happen when she finds out the truth.

Ms. Layton writes a marvelously plotted story. Sensual and emotional, it grabs you from the first page to the chilling conclusion. THE DEVIL'S BARGAIN is a treasure. SENSUAL (May, 376 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond