When Bonnie MacTavish finds Englishman Gray Sinclair hovering over her dead friends body with knife in hand, she knocks him out and alerts her brother, the laird. Facing the hangmans noose, the innocent Gray escapes his captors, taking Bonnie hostage for revenge, but he has no idea what hes gotten himself into.

Once shes his captive, Bonnie, who already doubts Grays guilt, learns he is not the kind of man who would commit murder. Bonnie is a whirlwind of mayhem and trouble that Gray is not prepared to handle. He certainly isnt ready to fall in love with her while trying to find a legendary treasure.

With the hand of an expert storyteller, Melanie George sends a dynamic pair of lovers on a thrilling roller coaster ride of an adventure story, flavored with a bit of Indiana Jones and The African Queen. But along with the excitement comes a deeply resonating poignancy that draws the reader into Bonnie and Grays souls. So hang on to your hearts and get set for a memorable, fast-paced tale that puts Melanie George on your must-read list! SENSUAL (Nov., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin