Image of The Devil's Due (Morgan Kingsley, Book 3)


Image of The Devil's Due (Morgan Kingsley, Book 3)

Lines are crossed and ethics are
getting quite blurry in Black's terrific demon-based series. Viewing events through Morgan's eyes keeps her
emotional turmoil and grave misgivings front and center. All of these characters are deeply flawed but intensely
intriguing. Black and urban fantasy
are a match made in heaven -- so
to speak!

Demon exorcist Morgan Kingsley is still coming to grips with the necessity of hiding Lugh, the demon king, within her. Trust is a huge issue for Morgan, but if they're going to restore Lugh to his throne, Morgan must learn to let Lugh take control during waking hours.

When a mother begs Morgan for help with her son, who has become a demon host, Morgan realizes she has stumbled into something much bigger than an illegal demon possession. Meanwhile, Lugh makes a decision -- if he's going to win his fight against the usurper Dougal, he'll need to set up a court on the mortal plane, which may require unpleasant sacrifices. (DELL, Dec., 317 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith