Image of The Devil's Footprints


Image of The Devil's Footprints

Fast-paced and plotted with spectacular precision and guile, this is undiluted suspense at its very finest. Nervous readers should read it in full daylight!

Fourteen years after her sister Rachel's death, tattoo artist Sarah DeLaune remains haunted by the crime -- and the circumstances surrounding it. The father she's never received acceptance from is dying slowly, and the man she once loved, New Orleans cop Sean Kelton, has recently married someone else. She's already on the edge when two mutilated corpses are discovered close to her home, and Sean asks her to help decipher some markings on the bodies.

As if that's not horrible enough, there's a chilling similarity to Rachel's killing -- unexplained cloven footprints near the crime scenes. Could past and present murders be connected? And if so, should the man Sarah's always believed was responsible for Rachel's death, Ashe Cain, be the prime suspect now? It's worth considering -- and so is the possibility that Sarah's next on Cain's list. (MIRA, Mar., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer