Image of Devil s Kiss (Hellraisers)


Image of Devil s Kiss (Hellraisers)

The Hellraisers, a band of rakes and rogues who trade their souls in their search for pleasure make their debut in Archer’s new series. Her heroes are bad, dangerous and seductive, her heroines are their match in every way; and her stories are powerful and dark. Feminist, emotional and absolutely a “keeper.”

Hellraiser James Shelbourne, Earl of Whitney, is fearless in his pursuit of gambling pleasures. One night in a Romany encampment he meets the fascinating Zora Grey, a talented cardsharp. Zora teaches him what it means to lose, but she is unable to prevent the Hellraisers from making a deal with the devil — each will surrender his soul to gain his heart’s desire. Now, Zora must find a way to help Whit reclaim his soul by fighting against an evil that could consume the world and destroy their newfound love. (ZEBRA, Dec., 400 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin